Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Trial-tested Criminal Defense Attorney available to fight for your rights.

At London Defense, we understand that being arrested or charged with a crime is a confusing and frightening experience. Joshua London prides himself on representing clients aggressively and compassionately. We inform our clients of their legal rights, and immediately act to protect them.

Joshua London has years of trial experience, and will advocate for the best possible outcome for YOU. At London Defense we understand all of our clients have special needs and require certain outcomes so as to lessen the impact this process will have on their lives or careers. Joshua London will work closely with you to determine your personal needs. Joshua London was named as a 2022 Elite Lawyer at the beginning of the year.

Criminal Defense Attorney Josh London can take on your case:

When you are faced with a criminal charge, you should be able to trust that you have a lawyer by your side who cares about the job he or she performs. Josh London knows how to provide tenacious advocacy for clients who are criminally charged.

London Defense takes a proactive approach with each of our clients. We work hard to investigate each and every case, often times before we step foot in the courtroom. Because of our commitment to our clients and our track record of success, we have built a reputation as a hard-hitting criminal defense firm. The right law firm is ready to make a difference, and we provide that difference in service and quality, tenacious defense of your legal claim that has shown for our clients for many years.

The London Defense team has represented innumerable defendants in criminal defense cases. We serve clients to defend them against various charges, including DWI, Drug Crimes, Record Expungement and much more to deliver a successful ruling for your peace of mind and restoring your life. When it comes to criminal defense, Joshua London has a track record of fighting hard for his clients.

London Defense is here to help you beat your case. Joshua London has experience in helping to bring favorable outcomes in our clients’ cases involving criminal defense of DWI, damage to property, arson, gun charges and much more. We are well versed in the local laws to make sure you are properly defended to the best ability.

Be sure to contact us for a case review to understand your options with your case. Joshua London is ready to help assist in your legal defense today. Contact us at 612-824-0388.