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In Minnesota, it’s illegal to intentionally cause physical harm or cause fear of direct physical harm or death to your family or household member. Normally, domestic assault is a gross misdemeanor. You can be sentenced to a minimum of 20 days and not exceeding one year in jail and a fine not exceeding $3,000. On the other hand, if an individual has two or more prior domestic violence related criminal convictions, the crime is upgraded to a felony. This comes with no less than 45 days in jail and up to five years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

Law enforcement takes allegations of domestic violence extremely seriously. Even if you’ve been wrongfully accused, you will almost certainly be subjected to immediate consequences. Minnesota domestic violence lawyer Joshua London is ready to help you prepare an aggressive defense against your criminal charges.

If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, you need the help of a Minnesota attorney who has a strong understanding of these laws and the severe consequences of a conviction. In addition to possible jail time and/or fines, a domestic assault conviction can have a harmful effect on your employment, housing and much more.

Charges related to domestic violence are aggressively prosecuted in Minnesota. If you are charged with a Minnesota domestic assault offense, you are facing life-changing consequences and must speak with an experienced Minnesota defense lawyer as quickly as possible. You might tempted to plead guilty in exchange for no jail time, but this will unquestionably cost you down the line.

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