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Common White Collar Crimes

Identity Theft

This refers to the illegal use of another’s personal identity. In most cases this involves using the victim’s social security number to gain access to his/her bank accounts and/or credit cards. In some cases, the victim’s personal credit is used to obtain loans or large sums of money.


Paying to influence the actions of a person who holds a position of authority. It might also be defined as the offering, soliciting or receiving of a valuable item in order to sway the actions of a person holding a public or legal office.

Insurance Fraud

There are two types of insurance fraud. The first occurs when a person purposely destroys property in order to collect on an insurance policy. The second occurs when the value of stolen or damaged item is exaggerated to collect a larger amount from the insurance company.

Credit Card Fraud

A popular type of identity theft involves the unauthorized use of someone else’s credit card information to make a purchase or remove funds. There are two primary types of credit card fraud. The first – application fraud – occurs when the victim’s information is used to apply for a credit card. The second refers to a takeover of an existing credit card account and billing the victim’s card for purchases.


Embezzlement is commonly associated with the misappropriation of money. It usually involves employees who oversee funds using those funds for personal reasons.

Tax Evasion

Using illegal means to avoid paying your share of taxes. This applies to individuals and businesses that underreport income, hide money or inflate deductions beyond their legal definition.

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