If you have been convicted of a crime, it is important that you understand your options when safeguarding your future. Contact expungement attorney Joshua London today.

Expungement is defined as the process “sealing” any arrest records or criminal convictions that an individual person has. The records usually include identifying documents, court records, law enforcement records, and any other relevant information, which is provided by nationwide organizations like the Department of Human Services. Many don’t know that your arrest records are still public and available for viewing, even if you had your case dropped.

You can get your case expunged in the state of Minnesota and have it removed from your public record, depending on your case’s circumstances.

If you would like to know more about our expungement process, including the records which qualify for expungement, you can view our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of our website.

Minnesota’s most recent laws have improved the odds of expungement, though there still are some offenses which can’t be expunged.

Minnesota’s Supreme Court has made the expungement process of your criminal record far less complicated. The majority of Minnesotans don’t understand that although your case may have been dismissed, your arrest and/or conviction records can still be accessed. Records start when you’re arrested, not when your case has an outcome.

Arrest records frequently cause setbacks for you if you have an employment background check, a housing application, and other similar applications and approvals necessary in your life. Many presume they are able to have their charge records sealed if the charges are thrown out. The State has to show the Court satisfactory evidence that it is in the interest of the public to keep these records available to the public.

Expungements can be very complex to initiate and complete, and it’s not recommended that you embark on this process alone. At London Defense, we offer strong, ethical, and experience reparations – call us today and schedule your free case review!

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