As one of Minnesota’s leading criminal defense law firms, London Defense is exclusively qualified and ready to manage every aspect of your federal case. From the second you’re informed that you are the focus of a federal investigation, Minneapolis federal defense lawyer Joshua London will work persistently on your behalf to secure the most ideal outcome.

Federal agencies such as the United States Marshals, FBI, ICE, and ATF perform exhaustive and detailed investigations. The agents are trained at the highest level to form a federal case against you. It is crucial to have a lawyer with the talents needed to defend you against federal investigators and prosecutors. At London Defense, we aggressively defend those facing federal criminal allegations such as drug crimes, white collar crimes and weapons charges.

Even if a federal agency is running a civil investigation against you, it is imperative to talk with a criminal defense lawyer who can guide you through the process. Attempting to solve a civil matter on your own can result in you incriminating yourself in future criminal procedures.

A federal crime refers to a breach of criminal laws or statutes established by the United States Congress. An offense could violate both federal and state law. The decision to prosecute a criminal offense as a federal crime will come from the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ). The USDOJ will decide to prosecute the offense itself or direct the case to the state.

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