Minneapolis attorney Joshua London represents clients of all ages and is experienced dealing with cases involving those under the age of 18. As an experienced juvenile defense lawyer, he will ensure their rights are protected and that an appropriate result is reached. He understands the exclusive needs of minors and knows how to fight for their freedom in juvenile court.

When kids and teens find themselves in legal trouble, their entire future can be affected. A conviction that might only be considered an inconvenience for an adult can cost a juvenile everything. They might lose the opportunity to attend college, receive scholarships, join the military, or secure a job. The derailment of a juvenile’s future education and/or career can be a harsher punishment than the immediate one they receive following a criminal conviction.

It is worth noting that when someone is convicted as a juvenile, it might be harder to defend him/her against any future criminal accusations.

Contact a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime can be a horrific experience. This is particularly true when you’re young. If a juvenile is being accused of a crime, they need a skilled attorney to help them through the process. Joshua London will help reduce the burden a criminal charge has on a family and build a case to ensure the best possible outcome for the juvenile.

Juvenile crime cases differ considerable from adult crime cases. Many of the rules and rights of the child are not the same. However, like adults, juveniles are entitled to protections under our laws. The government must prove criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Minneapolis juvenile defense lawyer Joshua London has a deep knowledge of all the elements the government must prove, and will find the flaws in the prosecution’s case. Schedule your free consultation with our law firm today by contacting us online, by phone or in person.