Assaults are not often accurately detailed by law enforcement. This can pose a problem, which is why you need exceptional legal representation. A criminal conviction can have enduring consequences. No matter what level of assault you have been charged with, Minneapolis assault lawyer Joshua London is ready to defend your rights.

Types of Assault

First Degree Assault – An individual must cause ‘great bodily harm’ to another person, and the victim may be close to death. The penalties are the most severe for first-degree assault.

Second Degree Assault – A defendant might be charged if a potentially deadly weapon was used in the incident.

Third Degree Assault – When the individual who perpetrates the assault inflicts substantial bodily harm to another person or assaults a minor.

Fourth Degree Assault – When a person physically assaults a specific class of individual such as a law enforcement officer or paramedic.

Fifth Degree Assault – When one commits assault in an effort to cause bodily harm, death or terror in another.

Domestic Assault – A physical attack against certain family members or specified others. The severity of the punishment will increase when the accused has been convicted of domestic violence in the past.

Contact a Minnesota Assault Lawyer

We recognize that Minnesota assault charges are often unfounded or result from a mistake. We understand that law enforcement can have their facts wrong and that you might have a reasonable explanation for what transpired. Sometimes the police refuse to listen to one individual’s side of the story before making an arrest. That is why we are ready to help you explain your version of events.

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