When the police apply pressure, Minneapolis drug crime lawyer Joshua London is ready to fight back and protect your rights! You cannot afford to plead guilty. Let us build an aggressive defense.

Minnesota’s criminal justice system can seem antagonistic and utterly terrifying. As we’ve dealt with countless criminal cases in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we recognize how common it is to suffer from strong emotions following an arrest. The anxiety that arises from the police department and prosecutor’s office investigating your case might cause you to abandon hope and plead guilty.

Don’t be lured into making rushed choices following an arrest. You are entitled a criminal defense. Uphold your right to legal counsel by contacting London Defense. Our lead attorney, Joshua London, understands how to challenge the case that police and prosecutors are building against you.

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The state of Minnesota does not take drug crimes lightly. From the prosecution’s standpoint, assertively prosecuting drug crimes can help make life safer for all those who live or work in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Regrettably, many officers make hasty and even unlawful arrests in an effort to keep communities free of drugs.


The penalties connected with a Minnesota drug possession charge will vary depending on the amount and type of illicit drugs an individual is accused of possessing. This list offers a helpful example of what these potential consequences are:

  • First Degree – Up to 30 years in prison, $1 million in fines or both
  • Second Degree – Up to 25 years in prison, $500,000 in fines or both
  • Third Degree – Up to 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines or both
  • Fourth Degree – Up to 15 years in prison, $100,000 in fines or both
  • Fifth Degree – Up to 5 years in prison, $10,000 in fines or both

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