Understand Your Minnesota Criminal Charges with the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines

What are The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines?

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines provide an overview of the criminal charges you may face in Minnesota. The guidelines provide information on the types of criminal charges, the potential penalties, and the sentencing ranges for each type of crime. This information can help you understand the potential consequences of your criminal charges and make informed decisions about your case.

Sentencing Guideline Lawyers in Minnesota

The principal reasoning for these guidelines is so people convicted of similar felonies receive similar sentencing, as long as the circumstances are alike. For decades, Minnesota has set Sentencing Guidelines for judges to follow. Experienced Criminal Defense lawyers know such guidelines and how judges in Minnesota apply them.

Understanding Sentencing Guidelines

Sentencing guidelines can be complex, so many people choose to hire a lawyer who specializes in understanding these laws. Sentencing guideline lawyers often advise their clients on approaching a sentencing hearing. This can include helping them understand the potential penalties they may face and developing strategies for mitigating sentences or arguing for leniency. A sentencing guideline lawyer is also knowledgeable about the various types of alternatives to incarceration that are available in Minnesota and can help their clients take advantage.

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