Homicide refers the taking of another person’s life. This makes it and murder the most severe charges that an individual can face, and it comes with the most serious consequences. A homicide charge can have a destructive effect on your life, especially if you know you are innocent. Even if there is truth to the charges, it is crucial that all facts are taken into account to ensure a fair outcome. This is why you need an experienced and dedicated Minneapolis homicide lawyer like Joshua London by your side.

Minnesota recognizes three degrees of murder, and what an individual is charged with is dependent on the situation. Here is a summary of the charges:

  • First-Degree Murder – The killing of another is premeditated, caused while perpetrating a separate crime, the result of arson, a robbery, kidnapping, during the sale of an illegal substance, or during an act of domestic violence. The victim might be under the age of 18 and the victim of child abuse. He or she may be an officer of the state.
  • Second-Degree Murder – There is intent to kill another without premeditation. This includes death while another felony is being committed.
  • Third-Degree Murder – The killing of another without the intent to cause death, but the accused was alleged to be in the middle of an unsafe act, exhibits a depraved mind without consideration for the safety of others.

Manslaughter also falls under the homicide category but it comes with a different set of charges. For example, Manslaughter in the First Degree ensues when the death stemmed from a passion killing that was triggered by actions or words.

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