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Being accused of driving under the influence can be an overwhelming experience. For many, it is the first time an officer has stopped and investigated them. If an officer asks for a chemical test, there are many instances where a driver is confused. In Minnesota, drivers have the right to refuse chemical tests. However, this carries criminal penalties.

Penalties for Refusing a Chemical Test

While a person has the right to refuse a test, the officer will then report the refusal to the authorities who handle the DWI case, which is the commissioner of public safety. Refusing a test could result in a third-degree DWI, which is a gross misdemeanor. The punishments for this could result in a $3,000 fine and/or up-to a year in jail. Additional penalties could apply, such as forfeiting your vehicle.

Refusing a test can also result in having your driver’s license withdrawn immediately. You would then be given a temporary license to drive before the withdrawal comes into effect. Driving privileges can be lost upwards of a year, but could be reduced if it is a first-time DWI.

Past DWI convictions can result in a two-year vehicle suspension if a prior DWI occurred within 10 years. If there are two previous DWI incidences, the suspension could be at least three years.

Refusal of a chemical test can be as life-changing as being charged with a DWI. There are ways, however, that you can protect your privileges. Contact a professional DWI test refusal lawyer if you are facing the current penalties of test refusal.

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