Case: State of Minnesota v. N.W.
Charge: Terroristic Threats & Domestic Assault in Hennepin County Court

Result: The case will be dismissed upon the completion of a Continuance for Dismissal
Date: June 20, 2018

A.S. was a young man experiencing difficulty at home and at school due to rapidly developing mental health issues. There was no question as to whether A.S. had committed the offense he was charged with, as the threats he made were preserved in emails.
Joshua London recognized A.S.was experiencing symptoms of a serious mental health concern. Mr. London relied on his vast experience with clients suffering from an array of mental health problems and contacted medical professionals he believed could help A.S. return to some sense of normalcy, while also explaining the impact of the mental health issues to the prosecution and Court.
After months of difficult negotiations and some heated debate with the prosecuting attorney, Mr. London convinced the prosecution to dismiss the the charges against A.S. if he completed course of treatment and stayed out of trouble for 2 years. A.S. will walk away from his case with no criminal record and hopefully, a better understanding of the difficulties his mental health issues can create.