Case: State of Minnesota v. N.W.
Charge: First Degree Aggravated Controlled Substance Sale – First Degree Drug Sale in Ramsey County Court

Result: No jail time despite 86 month Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Crime of Conviction
Date: August 14, 2018

N.W. is a hard working father of 7 children. When, after a life of working hard to provide for his family, he lost his job and income, N.W. decided to start selling drugs (cocaine) to support his family. Very quickly, a confidential informant gave police a tip about N.W., which led to a search of his home and his arrest. He was caught red-handed.

After consulting with Joshua London, N.W. made the difficult decision to enter a plea of guilty and put himself at the mercy of the Court. First Degree Aggravated Drug Sale carries a mandatory minimum 86 month prison sentence. Mr. London worked closely with N.W. and his family to prepare a sentencing memorandum that would sway the Judge away from sentencing N.W. to prison. After submitting extensive written arguments, letters from loved ones, and making a passionate in-court oral argument, the Ramsey County District Judge made an unprecedented decision — He departed from the sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum, sentencing N.W. to zero days in prison. N.W. was placed on probation and walked out of the courthouse a free man!