Case: State v. M.R.
Charges: Second Degree Gross Misdemeanor DWI
Outcome:  Dismissal by Stay of Adjudication Under the Veterans Restorative Justice Act
M.R.. was a military veteran who served our country in the United States Air Force. Like many veterans, he came away from his service suffering from service-related mental health conditions, including substance use disorder. As a result of his experiences in the military, suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD and alcohol use disorder.  His conditions stuck with him for many years, eventually leading to 3 DWIs.
Minnesota passed a new law called the Veterans Restorative Justice Act (VRJA). Under the Veterans Restorative Justice Act, active military or veterans who suffer from a service -related mental health condition and who commit a crime as a result of that condition, are entitled to special treatment.  Veterans who can establish a connection between their military service and their offense of conviction are entitled to a stay of adjudication.  The judge agreed that M.R. would not have commited DWI had he not been suffering from a service-related mental health condition. As a result, he will complete probation and his charges will be dismissed.