Case: State v. J.R.

Charges: Felony Domestic Assault by Strangulation, Misdemeanor Domestic Assault, and Disorderly Conduct

Outcome: Case Dismissed on the morning of trial

Sometimes, winning a case simply requires the fortitude to stand your ground. My client, J.R. was charged with choking and hitting his sister during an alcohol fueled family feud. We felt very strongly about our chances of victory, but J.R. was worried because he was facing a serious sentence if he was convicted of the Felony Domestic Assault Charge.

The prosecution tried everything they could to convince my client to plead guilty. They threatened to charge him with more serious offenses, seek an aggravated sentence, and essentially ruin his life if he wouldn’t enter a guilty plea. This is a very common tactic from prosecutors all over the state of Minnesota. All too often, these types of threats cause a defendant who feels strongly in their innocence to, nevertheless, plead guilty to avoid the consequences.

Because we had prepared such a strong defense and my client was particularly courageous, he decided not to fold to the pressure. On the morning of trial, we learn that the prosecution could not contact or successfully subpoena the alleged victim. As a result of her failure to appear, the State was forced to dismiss all charges against my client.