Case: State of Minnesota v. D.G.R
Charge: Fourth Degree DWI 
Result: Dismissed & Reduced to a Careless Driving

When he was charged with a Misdemeanor DWI in Hennepin County, DGR was extremely concerned about losing his job. He was informed by his employer that a conviction for DWI would force the company to fire him. 

When DGR met with Joshua London, Mr. London asked DGR a question he asks all his clients, “What are your biggest concerns?” As a result, Mr. London knew from the start he needed to focus on getting the Misdemeanor DWI charge dismissed or reduced. 

Unfortunately, the evidence against DGR was strong and a dismissal very unlikely. However, having working with the same prosecutor on many previous cases, Mr. London knew what he needed to do  in order to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges. As a result of his experience, Mr. London ultimately convinced the prosecutor to dismissed the Fourth Degree DWI charge and, instead, DGR was allowed to enter a plea to a Careless Driving charge and maintain his employment.