Have you lost your firearm rights?

The laws surrounding ownership and possession of firearms are vast, and it takes an expert in the area to understand how they all fit together. You may have a general understanding of these laws, but chances are you might not know that if you commit certain crimes, you can lose your right to own or
possess firearms, and in some cases the loss might even be permanent.

Minnesota Statute § 624.713 provides a detailed list of persons who are ineligible to own or possess firearms. This list includes those who have been convicted of a violent crime, certain drug crimes, assaulting a household member with the use of a firearm, among other crimes. Most likely, if a person is on this list, they know it because a judge made it clear to them at sentencing.

Filing a petition to restore your rights

However, there is another aspect of the law that might not be as clear. Once a person’s sentence is over, their right to own or possess a firearm is usually not automatically restored. Many people believe once they have served out their sentence or have been discharged from probation, they can finally enjoy hunting again, or they can go out and purchase a gun for protection.

Unfortunately, doing so often results in a new conviction. If you were made ineligible to own or possess a firearm as a result of a conviction, you may need to file a Petition for Restoration of Civil Right to Possess Firearms before you can legally own or possess another firearm. This can be a complicated process and requires the help of an expert to ensure it is done

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